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The Platte Valley Northern Railroad

Set in mountainous terrain with small to moderate sized towns lays the free-lance railroad called "The Platte Valley Northern". The brain child of the owner and operator, Paul Myers, MMR, it is a growing project that covers mostly the period between 1920 and 1960. The broad span of time was chosen to give the maximum latitude for the most enjoyment of both steam and diesel operation. The basic venue is that of a small regional carrier with a branch line mine and logging operation.

The Platte Valley Northern Railroad Site.

The pictures here of the railroad are those of the completion thus far. Several scenic treatments have been added. The mine area and the logging section are not yet complete but the final rock castings and scenery are in the process of completion. There are three bridges that have been constructed and will be erected into place as soon as the scenery in the revine is complete. The Neva Mine building is complete, but there are a number of other mine and logging buildings will need to be built. The river scene and the mountain need to be completed, and the tunnel on the west side of the Muriel River is yet to be completed. The Santa Maria yard and the section behind the furnace are in the benchwork stage, and should be completed by summer 2011. To continue through the site, click on the picture to your left.

PVN Installations does DCC and Sound installations as well as Painting, Weathering, and Lettering for most scales. For prices and terms, please contact The Platte Valley Northern Railroad Services Department. Thank you.

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